What’s troubling you?

Have you been struggling with endless pain?

Shoulder Pain that limits your range of movement? Neck pain causing headaches?

From niggles to chronic pain Back2It can help. Beginning with an initial assessment,  Mark will ensure all objective measures are tested in order to identify the cause of your pain. Mark will then formulate a treatment plan to help you in your recovery. Throughout the treatment process, Mark will provide support and advice to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

A thorough assessment will be performed. This first involves gaining a detailed insight into the background of your injury in order to let your story be heard and help to understand potential explanations for injury. A series of objective tests will be performed looking at things such as movement restrictions, strength deficits and pain irritability. A diagnosis can then be formulated and explained regarding your condition and a management plan can immediately be put in place. Alongside treatment, the Physiotherapist may also put in place mobility or strength exercises to help self-manage your current injury and prevent it returning in the future. Please ensure if you also have an scans (MRI, CT, X-ray) or any letters/documents from your doctor or surgeon to please bring along.

Step 2 - Subsequent Appointment

Subsequent appointments involve reviewing the injury and progressing the treatment. The benefits of physiotherapy are such that your body will be in less pain and better able to tolerate more loads as you continue along your new pathway to a better moving body. Your physiotherapist will advise progressions in exercise or work-related tasks and ensure that you have all the tools necessary to self-manage these and other injuries going forward!

The Point of Difference

Why choose Back2It?

In the 5 years of being a Physiotherapist, Mark has worked within a strength and conditioning facility for a good reason. He has a very pro-active approach in how an individual can achieve and create the most effective healing environment for their own body. Although physiotherapy is important in initially taking control of symptoms and promoting better movement, Mark takes just as much pride in taking his clients onto the gym floor and teaching them the latest and greatest mobility and strength exercises to work towards injury prevention in for the future. Since you can’t have Physiotherapy 7 days per week, wouldn’t you like to know how to replicate some of the treatments?

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